Our Mission

SPATIALLY-FED is a 501(c)(3) community organization that promotes the intersection of artist well-being and well-being through the arts through research, residencies, education, and public exhibition and/or performance. While western scientific models continue to invest  more and more into research that proves the positive impacts that the arts have on a community, we make space to honor and intentionally acknowledge those artists and culture bearers who have long known the inherent healing power of the arts. Our future home will subsidize meaningful workshop space so artists have low barriers to entry within their artform, and more inclusive platforms that support diverse  restorative knowledge sharing. In doing so, we will ensure that all those who walk through our doors have more reasonable access to the resources, studio rentals, playfulness, collaboration and the empowerment they need to experience their art fully. Our home and the community you find here is an environment of inclusivity, motivation, and productivity, but also one of self-care and exploration.

What’s in a name?

Well, in part, the name was inspired by the way dancers carve through space with their bodies. And, we see all creators as active receptors and transmitters. Spatially-Fed is greatly inspired by the new and emerging field of neuroaesthetics, which “uses brain imaging, brain wave technology and biofeedback to gather scientific evidence of how we respond to the arts. Through this, there is physical, scientific evidence that the arts engage the mind in novel ways, tap into our emotions in healthy ways and make us feel good."

Martin, B. H. (July, 2020). Brain research shows the arts promote mental health. The Conversation.

Knowing this, our question is - why do so many artists suffer from mental health? There are many reasons: threatening or competitive work cultures, financial instability/economic opportunity, profession casuality, and unsustainable work flows.

We seek to help change that in our immediate community and beyond. We can do this through more transparent conversation, restorative practice, and holistic research.

We encourage you to join us and our movement. We’re so glad you’re here.

What we’ve done so far:

In our first year, we have prioritized spending time with our community in various ways that encourage listening and a deep sense of connection.

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