Our existing programs and services:

We organize in our immediate community as a collective that assists desiring individuals and organizations with their own Artistic Well-being. We add to the creative conversations around us through our own Performance Art and Exhibition projects. We do our part in offering expertise through Residency, Membership, and Education. And we create inclusive Community Research that endeavors to connect the needs of independent artists with more established institutions, in an effort to do our part in helping shape more cohesive narratives of Gainesville’s arts and culture scene.

If you feel compelled by our work, we invite you to consider donating at the bottom of this page. As a 501(c)(3) organization your donation is tax deductible, and goes a long way in contributing to our journey of finding a permanent home where we can offer more unique programming and studio space to our growing creative community.

Here is a list of our first projects in the community, which we hope to expand upon in the coming years:

(Do you have a vision for how you could contribute or help us grow these programs? We love brainstorming. Connect with us!)

Monthly workshops for creative business development

Spatially-Fed asks community members to donate their time and expertise towards hosting informative learning opportunities that speak to a host of topics, that have been crowd-soured by our followers. Topics like “the casuality of creative professions,” “record keeping for small creative business owners,” “health insurance options for the seasonal worker,” “eliminating the expectation of exposure as payment,” etc. may be covered, and artists will have the opportunity to voice their ideas for making the Gainesville arts and culture scene more legitimized.

Are you a community member with time and expertise to donate towards one of these meetups? Connect with us to become a partner!

We supplement arts-related events in the community with fun and mindful eating to add creative flair and uplift awareness of overall well being.

As an organization promoting artist wellbeing, and culture that values its creative community from the intersections of arts and health, this program provides locally-sourced, organic food and drink to artist-run events and other arts-related initiatives. This programming stems from the growing bodies of feedback and research we have received from artist-run businesses who often have to resort to putting eating and quality food at the bottom of their list during long production days.

Partners: Gainesville Girls Rock Camp, Dion Dia, Gainesville Giving Garden

Artist Advocacy helps disseminate positive messaging that informs the public about the need for creative wellbeing and for a thriving creative community.

Established businesses and organizations promote Spatially-Fed’s mission through their own mediums, marketing, resources, etc. in exchange for our partnership, connecting them to local artists, in-house creative direction, or guest facilitation of arts activities.

Partners: MADWOMAN, First Magnitude, Gainesville Giving Garden, Mindful Messages

A Seasonal Showcase

In the past, we have held a call for artists who want to add to a community-wide artist statement through short video submissions that respond creatively to prompts that are inspired by the changing of the seasons. We consolidate all submissions into a short film which is screened, celebrated with the help of community advocates, and archived.

Now we would like to take this vision and expand the seasonally-prompted concept to reach artists who would like to showcase their work live via installs, performances, music, food, community outreach and connection. The aim is to create space that prioritizes creative expression and offers an opportunity to build and exhibit your portfolio. The goal is to facilitate a space that relieves some of the pressures of capitalism and is oriented towards creative freedom and fun.

We will need help in fundraising for this program that will be offered to artists and creatives for free. If you’d like to donate, we would greatly appreciate your support.

Partners: 352 Creates, First Magnitude, Hipp Cinema

Programs that shares the art histories of Gainesville

Spatially-Fed helps to uncover, create, and maintain local histories of artistry through oral, written, and other creative mediums.

Potential partners: could it be you?

Inserting fun, creativity, and play into local land stewardship

How can we incorporate a more collective and routine rhythm of holding FUN and intentional space for wild places? Spatially-Fed will work with local cultural leaders and conservation organizations to hold fundraising events that bring memorable practices into landscapes which need our mindful and physical attention.

Partners: Gainesville Giving Garden

Live performance and audio/visual art

We are artists ourselves, and appreciate every opportunity to collaborate through spoken word and song, dance and movement, and innovative messaging. Connect with us for details.

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